Why Raise Funds?

Every Creator’s “Why” is unique, from financing projects to supporting career longevity. Just as traditional businesses raise capital from strategic investors, YouTube Creators can, too.  With GigaStar Market, Creators can use funds raised however they need to.


Hover over the images to see a few examples:

  • 01_Buy_Gear @2x
    Buy professional studio gear:
    cameras, mics, lights, etc.
  • 02_Hire_Team@2x

    Hire a team: videographers,
    editors, on-air talent, etc.

  • 03_Marketing@2x
    Cover marketing costs: YouTube
    ads, paid social campaigns, etc.
  • 04_Community@2x

    Give back to your community
    through contests & giveaways

  • 05_burdensome@2x
    Take care of tuition, taxes, debt,
    living expenses, or housing costs
  • 06_Future_Revenue@2x
    Get future ad revenue NOW.

    (You never know when the
    next "adpocalypse" will happen.)
  • 07_Acquire@2x

    Acquire other channels, 
    IP, or licensing

  • 08_Retirement@2x
    Invest or add to your
    retirement account
  • 09_Charity@2x

    Donate to charity or start
    a scholarship fund

Ready to Fund Your "Why"?

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