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Becoming a full-time YouTuber is the dream, but how can you financially get there?

We sit down with successful YouTubers to dive head-first into the money-making side of being a full-time YouTuber and Creator.
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June 26, 2024

Pay Up: Why Clear Payment Terms Matter with Kevin Kolbe

‪@KevinKolbe‬, a dynamic YouTuber and former TV professional, recounts his transformative journey from the radio and television industry to thriving as a full-time content creator. With a passion for empowering others through video, Kevin offers expert tips on editing and using Mac for seamless video creation. He also highlights his rewarding work with nonprofits and underscores the critical role of personal connections in securing clients. In a candid conversation with Desiree, Kevin delves into the challenges and triumphs of being a creator. He recalls a harsh lesson learned from a non-payment incident, underscoring the necessity of setting clear payment terms. Kevin and Desiree explore various facets of the creator economy, including negotiating with brands, managing multiple income streams, and the importance of firm payment agreements to avoid delays. They also discuss handling project revisions and the essential practice of setting professional boundaries. Kevin shares his most lucrative venture with Sony Pictures Television, providing insights into his diversified income sources, such as ads, sponsorships, affiliates, merchandise, and services. Throughout the discussion, Kevin and Desiree celebrate the joys of creation, stressing the importance of staying grounded and valuing every view, like, and comment. This episode is a treasure trove of advice and inspiration for creators at any stage of their journey.

May 8, 2024

Crafting a Business from a YouTube Channel Hobby

Get ready to dive into Meredith Marsh's inspiring journey – from hobby blogger to YouTube sensation and proud business owner. Meredith's adventure began with a passion for GoPro cameras and video editing, sparking her content creation journey on YouTube. As her channel gained momentum, Meredith realized the incredible potential of the platform in connecting with her audience. She made the bold decision to double down on YouTube, pouring her heart and soul into crafting engaging videos and nurturing her growing community. But Meredith's journey wasn't without its twists and turns. Along the way, she encountered the challenge of transforming her passion into a sustainable business. Yet, with her trademark creativity, Meredith devised a savvy strategy likening her business to a bustling car wash – a place where folks can get what they need without any fuss or frills. Talk about thinking outside the box! Diving deeper, Meredith shares her secrets to success, including the importance of diversifying income streams through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and her own line of courses and digital products. But that's not all – Meredith's got a few SEO tricks up her sleeve, harnessing the power of search engine optimization to drive traffic to her YouTube channel from her trusty blog. Of course, no success story is without its hurdles, and Meredith candidly shares her experiences with YouTube's flagging woes and the challenges of relying on platforms like AdSense and affiliate programs. But fear not – Meredith's got big plans on the horizon, from launching her new podcast to creating killer content that drives traffic straight to her courses. So, grab your favorite mug of coffee and get ready to be inspired by Meredith's journey – because trust us, you won't want to miss a moment!

March 20, 2024

Established YouTube Career Gives The Freedom to Grieve Without Pressure (with El Jefe)

Jeffrey Mendez, known as @ELJefeReviews, shares his journey as a content creator and employee at vidIQ. He started by doing written reviews and transitioned to YouTube, focusing on audio products. His niche-specific brand gained traction when a popular channel retired, allowing him to fill the gap. Jeffrey's first income experience came from affiliate revenue, and he eventually went full-time with vidIQ. He discusses the benefits of being an employee of a creator business and the importance of mindset for creators. Jeffrey also shares insights on charging for sponsorships, the need for a business manager, and the value of content licensing. He emphasizes the ability for creators to take breaks and grieve while maintaining their momentum. Desiree discusses the importance of maintaining mental health and flexibility as a creator, sharing her personal experience and the support she received. She also emphasizes the need for effective time and resource management to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Desiree highlights the importance of hard work and goal setting in the early stages of a creator's journey, while also acknowledging the need for breaks and rest. She shares her insights on balancing quality and efficiency in content creation, and the importance of understanding the goals and objectives of sponsorships. Finally, Desiree reveals her future plans, including building an email list and creating products.

March 13, 2024

The Strategic Genius Behind Six Figure Brand Partnerships with Nick Nimmin

In this conversation, @NickNimmin discusses various aspects of content creation and monetization on YouTube. He emphasizes the importance of understanding brand deals and how they benefit the companies involved. Nick also highlights the opportunities available in the gig economy and the creator economy. He shares his personal journey of transitioning to full-time content creation and provides insights into the reality of starting as a content creator. Nick emphasizes the learning curve of content creation and advises creators to treat YouTube as a business. He suggests researching and choosing a niche that offers monetization opportunities. Nick also discusses strategies for finding brand partnerships and proving value to brands through affiliate marketing. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong brand and over delivering in brand deals. In this conversation, Desiree and Nick discuss various strategies for monetizing as a content creator. They emphasize the importance of building long-term brand partnerships and representing companies in every capacity possible. They also discuss the importance of navigating brand deals and affiliates, ensuring that both parties benefit from the partnership. Additionally, they explore the potential of monetizing through merchandise and digital products, as well as creating courses for monetization and growth. Overall, they highlight the significance of monetization for content creators and the need to generate revenue to sustain their creative endeavors.