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Earn Potential Monthly Revenue

Enjoy rights to receive YouTube channel revenue, automatically distributed monthly

Investing in YouTubers Made Easy

Investors age 18+ with a credit card, digital wallet, or bank account can participate

Participate in the Creator Economy

Access alternative investment opportunities via revenue share securities

Join the GigaStar Community

Join a global community of Investors that share in a journey with YouTube Creators

Watch for Secondary Market News

Opportunity lives on with the planned 2024 launch of GigaStar’s secondary market*

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Unlock special perks from Creators that only revenue shareholders enjoy

* Creators who leverage GigaStar’s Discord capabilities as one of their GigaStar Market offering perks have the potential to earn additional income through the secondary market. For each CRT purchased on the secondary market, the Creator may be entitled to a Discord Access Fee. The GigaStar secondary market trading platform is anticipated to launch in 2024. CRTs cannot be traded or transferred for 12 months following their issuance. Investment offerings are speculative, illiquid, and involve a high degree of risk, including the risk of loss of your entire investment.

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Investor Testimonials

"GigaStar investing has been awesome. I am getting an annualized 16% paid out monthly. This is the ideal nest egg platform for retirement. Hopefully, creators realize that a low P/E ratio is more suited to the valuation since they don't give any guarantees that the public sector companies give. GigaStar platform offers a unique way of investing." -- rohit1986xyz
"GigaStar's unique model ensures a win-win situation for both investors and YouTubers. I am confident in recommending GigaStar to others interested in venturing into this unique investment landscape. The combination of a proven model, forward-thinking strategies, and a commitment to transparency positions GigaStar as a promising player in the future of investor-YouTuber collaborations." -- Bitcoinboy
"This is a great alternative investment to folks who believe in their favorite creators and want to support them." -- Gerardo A
"Was easy to navigate the site and to pick out what CRT you wanted to buy and be a part of. If you are new to all of this and join the Discord server there is a ton of help there. Nice and easy way to invest into something you watch and support those channels while getting a kickback as well." -- bobo360
"Receiving my CRT revenue has been smooth so far. The interaction with Stock Moe and people in Discord has been fun. Hope we can diversify into cooking, cars, and other stuff." -- lucky420
"GigaStar's commitment to empowering creators and investors financially has made a significant impact on the creative community. It's inspiring to see a platform genuinely invested in fostering talent and innovation." -- Savagepinapple
"GigaStar's Discord has been instrumental in helping me to understand the Crypto Space. You learn so much from other members, and you become part of a unique community. I also enjoy the diverse channel offerings GigaStar provides...I learned about channels I never even knew existed." -- Withnail
“Loved my experience participating in the second ClearValue Tax drop. GigaStar made this easy to understand and easy to do! Excited to be part of this cutting edge journey to EASILY invest in the mission of ClearValue Tax via GigaStar! The creativity in this opportunity to invest in this way is inspiring." -- M🫶lly
“I bought two Diamond and three Gold. This was a fun investment for me. I mainly did it to support Brian Kim and obviously, I receive benefits as well. I think he brings a lot of value to all of us beginning investors. I believe his channel will only continue to grow, but I also knew based on the math and the data they gave us that for me to receive anything worth it I would have to at least buy a few thousand dollars worth. I hope it continues to increase over time, and I thank Brian for giving back to his subscribers.” -- Malo
“I've looked at many of the crowdfunding systems out there, and this is the first one that I am a huge fan of so far. There are others that do not have "lifetime" earning, it is set for a set number of years. When I was crunching the numbers on them I was thinking the risks were way higher than the rewards in terms of ROI. Some don't have the escrow system that GigaStar is using, and again I am a big fan of that. And this was the first one that seemed to be transferable in the future - in theory." -- Copper Penny Investor

* The persons providing the testimonials on this website have experience in the services that GigaStar or its affiliated companies provided. Their respective experience may not be representative of all other clients.
Testimonials are not paid for by GigaStar or its affiliates. Testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of future performance or success related to any product, transaction, or service.


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