Now Fans Can Invest in YouTube Creators

Through GigaStar Market, Fans invest in their favorite YouTube Creators to join their journey, support their potential growth, and share a percentage of their channel's potential future revenue. Fans get exclusive perks and special access to Creators, and Creators innovate Fan engagement. When the channel's revenue grows, Creators and Fans have the potential to earn more, becoming partners in revenue success.

Investment offerings are speculative, illiquid, and involve a high degree of risk, including the risk of loss of your entire investment.


A Creator applies to list their offering on GigaStar Market, including extra perks for Fans, and a drop date is set.


During the drop, Fans buy Channel Revenue Tokens (CRTs)* representing rights to a percentage of the Creator's YouTube channel revenue.


Funds from the drop allow the Creator to grow their channel, while Fans get potential monthly YouTube channel revenue.


GigaFans may trade their CRTs while Creators receive recurring transactional revenue from every sale in the secondary marketplace*.

*CRTs digitally represent a security offered under Reg CF and there is a 12-month restricted period following closing whereby CRTs cannot be traded. These securities are subject to the risk of loss, are illiquid and there is no guarantee of an active secondary market. GigaStar’s secondary market is anticipated for 2024.


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